Agenda de Lanzamientos: Agosto 2022

Una completa agenda con los lanzamientos que se vienen para el mes de Agosto 2022. Encontrarán una lista de highlights con sus portadas al principio, y más abajo una lista más exhaustiva con muchos lanzamientos más.

Si encuentras discos que faltan, te animamos a dejar en los comentarios cuál se nos puede haber pasado, y cuáles estás esperando. ¡Te leemos!

SOULFLY – Totem (05/08) +Info

AMON AMARTH – The Great Heathen Army (05/08) +Review

H.E.A.T – Force Majeure (05/08)

ARCH ENEMY – Deceivers (12/08) +Info

NORMA JEAN – Deathrattle Sing For Me (12/08)

THE HALO EFFECT – Days of the Lost (12/08) +Info

SOILWORK – Övergivenheten (19/08) +Info

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – Afterlife (19/08) +Info

SPIRIT ADRIFT – 20 Centuries Gone (EP) (19/08) +Info

SANTA CRUZ – The Return of the Kings (22/08)

EDENBRIDGE – Shangri-La (26/08) +Info


BRYMIR – Voices in the Sky (26/08) +Info

LONELY ROBOT – A Model Life (26/08)

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE – How To Shroud Yourself With Night (26/08)

MACHINE HEAD – Of Kingdom And Crown (26/08) +Info

Listado Completo – via Heavy Metal Music HQ

5 de Agosto, 2022

Abaddon Incarnate – The Wretched Sermon (Transcending Obscurity)
Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army (Metal Blade)
Andy McCoy – Jukebox Junkie (Cleopatra)
Black Velvet Butterfly – Black Velvet Butterfly (Self)
Bong-Ra – Meditations (Tartarus)
Coscradh – Nahanagan Stadial (Invictus)
Dagger Threat – Weltschmerz (BDHW)
Early Moods – Early Moods (RidingEasy)
Einherjer – Norse And Dangerous (Live… From The Land Of Legends) (Napalm)
Eradicate – Demise Towards The Dasein EP (Godz Ov War)
Extermination Day – Be The Consequence (Hoove Child)
Fall And Resist – Darkness Of Now EP (Self)
Fearsore – Bloedwyrx (Dead Sage)
Fleshrot – Unburied Corpse (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Grave Bathers – Rock ‘N’ Roll Fetish (Seeing Red)
Grigorien – Magtens Evangelium (Signal Rex)
Hautajaisyo – Ei Hauta Kysy Lupaa (Inverse)
H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure (earMusic)
Hellway Patrol – All Myth Shall Fall (Xaninho)
In Hearts Wake – Green Is The New Black Soundtrack (UNFD)
Liminal Shroud – All Virtues Ablaze (Willowtip)
Liveconformdie – Vol. II: Music For Living Failures (Self)
Master – The Human Machine Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Master – The New Elite Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Odd Circus – Deus EP (Good Idea)
Phrenesy – Fears Apocalypse (Self)
Planet Of The 8’s/Duneeater – ?Turned To Stone Chapter 5 Split (Ripple)
Psycroptic – Divine Council (Prosthetic)
Rotting Empire – Buried In The Past (RTM)
Rykers – Ours Was A Noble Cause (BDHW)
Savage Master – Those Who Hunt At Night (Shadow Kingdom)
Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement – Constructing The Cataclysm (Comatose)
Soulfly – Totem (Nuclear Blast)
Speaking To Stones – (In)human Error (Animated Insanity)
Stormbound – December (Self)
Tool – Fear Inoculum Vinyl Re-Release (RCA)
Toxik – Dis Morta (Massacre)
Turian – No Longer Human (Wise Blood)

12 de Agosto, 2022

Arch Enemy – Deceivers (Century Media)
Aronius – Irkalla (The Artisan Era)
A-Z – A-Z (Metal Blade)
Barbarian – Viperface (Hells Headbangers)
Bitter End – Harsh Realities Re-Release (M-Theory)
Blasted Heath – Vela (Wise Blood)
Bleed Like Mylee – Nuk Soo Kow EP (Self)
Boris – Heavy Rocks (2022) (Relapse)
Building Upon The Revelation – The Pathways Of Discipline (Self)
Carrion Vael – Abhorrent Obsession (Unique Leader)
Datura4 – Neanderthal Jam (Alive Naturalsound)
Ereb Altor – Nattramn Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Generation Radio – Generation Radio (Frontiers)
Hell Fire – Reckoning (RidingEasy)
Hydra – Point Break (Frontiers)
If These Trees Could Talk – If These Trees Could Talk EP Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Kilfeather – Armchair Revolutionaries (Golden Robot)
Leviathan – Mischief Of Malcontent (Self)
Mimorium – The Route Of Haeresis (Spread Evil)
Moths – Space Force (Self)
Nordic Union – Animalistic (Frontiers)
Nor’easter – Calm Before The Storm (Catalooch)
Norma Jean – Deathrattle Sing For Me (Solid State)
Nukebirds – Vanguard MK1 (Trepnation)
Of Virtue – Sinner EP (Arising Empire)
Pulse – Dragonfly (Dark Star)
Reign Of Glory – All Will Bow (Roxx)
Restless Spirits – Second To None (Frontiers)
Ritualization – Hema Ignis Necros EP (Iron Bonehead)
Seventh Storm – Maledictus (Atomic Fire)
Seyr – Flux (Self)
Stryfe – Cursed Theatre (Self)
Sunstorm – Brothers In Arms (Frontiers)
Unprocessed – Gold (Spinefarm)
Vanden Plas – Live & Immortal DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Weregoat – The Devil’s Lust EP (Iron Bonehead)
Weregoat/Eggs Of Gomorrh – Orgiastic Rape Of Resurrected Remains Split EP (Iron Bonehead/Parasitic)

19 de Agosto, 2022

Aerdryk – Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid (Amor Fati)
Alpha Wolf/Holding Absence – The Lost & The Longing Split EP (SharpTone)
Amidst Dreams Of Tomorrow – Memories Of A Wandering Soul (Self)
Blacklab – In A Bizarre Dream (New Heavy Sounds)
Buried Under Sky – Darkest Corners (Self)
Chloe Trujillo & Rav Medic – Heavy Peace EP (Golden Robot)
Conan – Evidence Of Immortality (Napalm)
Concrete Ties – Unrecognizable (Upstate)
Dawnwalker – House Of Sand (Room 132)
Dead City Ruins – Shockwave (AFM)
Deadmist Creek – House Of Gomorrah Vol. 2 EP (Self)
Doldrey – Celestial Deconstruction (Pulverised)
Elliott’s Keep – Vulnerant Omnes (NoSlip)
Empress – Fateweaver (Self)
Eruption – Tellurian Rupture (From The Vaults)
Fatso Jetson/All Souls – Live From Total Annihilation Split (Ripple)
Ferum – Asunder/Erode (Unorthodox Emanations)
Flame Imperishable – Glory And Ruin (Self)
Hammer King – Kingdemonium (Napalm)
Heilung – Drif (Season Of Mist)
Hive – Spiritual Poverty (Translation Loss)
Holding Absence/Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing Split EP (SharpTone)
Hours Of Worship – The Cold That You Left (Iron Bonehead)
I Prevail – True Power (Fearless)
Kill Everything/Necroticgorebeast/Virulent Excision/Gorepot – Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty Split (Comatose)
Lucifer’s Fall/Eldritch Rites – Graveyard Rites Split (Self)
Mammoth Volume – The Cursed Who Perform The Larvagod Rites (Blues Funeral)
Mass Extinction – Never-Ending Holocaust (HPGD)
Morbid Evils – Supernaturals (Transcending Obscurity)
Nocturnal Sorcery – The Holy Law In Total Ruin (Kvlt)
The Occult – The Occult (Self)
Oerheks – Cagghenvinna (Amor Fati)
Orthodox – Learning To Dissolve (Century Media)
Osserp – Els Nous Cants De La Sibil·la (Eternal Juggernaut)
Pelican – Australasia Re-Release (Thrill Jockey)
Pencey Sloe – Neglect (Prophecy)
Phantom Spell – Immortal’s Requiem (Wizard Tower)
Pistols At Dawn – Ascension (Megaforce/MRI)
Psyclona – Palo Verde (Psycho Waxx)
Return Of The Soul – Digital Dream (Self)
Russian Circles – Gnosis (Sargent House)
Six By Six – Six By Six (InsideOut)
The Sombre – Monuments Of Grief (Chaos)
Spirit Adrift – 20 Centuries Gone (Century Media)
Spite – Dedication To Flesh (Rise)
Still/Form – From The Rot Is A Gift (Hex)
Soilwork – Övergivenheten (Nuclear Blast)
Splintered Throne – The Greater Good Of Man (Self)
Thundermother – Black And Gold (AFM)
Tomb Of Finland – Across The Barren Fields (Uprising)
Traumen Von Aurora – Aurora (Trollzorn)
Traumen Von Aurora – Luna (Trollzorn)
Tyrants Of Chaos – Relentless Thirst For Power (Self)
White Rune – Dawn Of The White Rune (Hammer Of Hate)

26 de Agosto, 2022

Absolute Darkness – Failure Of State (Self)
Alcatrazz – Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 2: 1983-1984 (HNE)
Align The Tide – Hollow (Cleopatra)
Alms – The Trial (Epictronic)
Anchillys – Elan Vital (Self)
Anthea – Tales Untold (Rockshots)
Apeiron Bound – Multiplicity (Layered Reality)
Armnatt – Immortal Nature (Signal Rex)
Auriferous Flame – The Great Mist Within (True Cult)
Austere – Towards The Great Unknown Box Set (Lupus Lounge)
Bad Baron – Ace Of Hearts (Pride & Joy)
Becoming The Archetype – Children Of The Great Extinction (Solid State)
Bloodbox – Post Human Disorder (Headwound)
Blood Of Indigo – Dawn Of The Shaded World (Self)
Bloody Redemption – Hit To The Gore (Awakening)
Brymir – Voices In The Sky (Napalm)
Cathartic –Through The Abysmal Gates Of Subconscious (Awakening)
CB3 – Exploration (Majestic Mountain)
Child Of Caesar – Spirit & Liberation (Dr Music)
Consumption – Necrotic Lust (Hammerheart)
Cyborg Octopus – Between The Light And Air (Silent Pendulum)
Death Scythe – Killing For Pleasure Forever (Self)
Deus Ex Machina – III (Self)
Drag Me Out – Demons Away (Lodereih)
Dreadnought – The Endless (Profound Lore)
Dynazty – Final Advent (AFM)
Eaten By Sharks – Eradication (Self)
Edenbridge – Shangri-La (AFM)
Grave Digger – Symbol Of Eternity (Rock Of Angels)
The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost (Nuclear Blast)
Hexis – Aeternum (Debemur Morti)
Hierophant – Death Siege (Season Of Mist)
The Hirsch Effekt – Solitaer EP (Long Branch)
Intent – Exile (Self)
Iron Savior – Reforged – Ironbound (Vol. 2) (AFM)
Lacrimas Profundere – How To Shroud Yourself With Night (SPV/Steamhammer)
Lonely Robot – A Model Life (InsideOut)
Long Distance Calling – Eraser (earMusic)
Lugnet – Tales From The Great Beyond (Pride & Joy)
Lustre – A Thirst For Summer Rain (Nordvis)
Machine Head – Of Kingdom And Crown (Nuclear Blast/Imperium)
Malamorte – Omen (Moribund)
Manifest – The Sinking (Sound Pollution)
Master – On The Seventh Day God Created Master Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Might – Abyss (Exile On Mainstream)
Migliori Amici & Co. – Best Of Friends EP (OCMusic)
Mystic Charm – Hell Did Freeze Over Re-Release (Personal)
Obituary – Cause Of Death – Live Infection (Relapse)
Obituary – Slowly We Rot – Live And Rotting (Relapse)
Olhava – Reborn (Avantgarde)
Phase IV – Phase IV (Moribund)
Pineid – Blue Doom (Sympatry)
Plasmodulated – Plasmodulated (Personal)
Red Rot – Mal de Vivre (Svart)
Santa Cruz – The Return Of The Kings (M-Theory)
Shroud Of Despondency – Air Of Abrasion (Self)
Sigh – Shiki (Peaceville)
Species – To Find Deliverance (Awakening)
Spirit In The Room – Flamingo EP (Housecore)
Stitched Up – Jupiter Jazz And The Suicide (Self)
Storm – Invincible EP (Indie)
Stormhunter – Strangle With Care EP (G.U.C.)
Syryn – Heads Or Tails (
Tad Morose – March Of The Obsequious (GMR)
Thoughtcrimes – Altered Pasts (Pure Noise)
Wampyric Rites – The Wolves Howl To The Moon (Signal Rex)
Wyrd – Heathen Re-Release (Moribund)

Alejandro Melgar

Absoluto entusiasta del Metal en casi todas sus variantes y sub-géneros. Melómano, coleccionista de discos y experto en armar documentos, listas y rankings. La estructura me garantiza paz y organización. Amo las series, películas y estoy muy arraigado en la cultura pop, además de disfrutar la naturaleza y el aire libre. Y a pesar de todo esto, soy muy sensible.