Agenda de Lanzamientos: Julio 2022

Una completa agenda con los lanzamientos que se vienen para el mes de Julio 2022. Encontrarán una lista de highlights con sus portadas al principio, y más abajo una lista más exhaustiva con muchos lanzamientos más.

Si encuentras discos que faltan, te animamos a dejar en los comentarios cuál se nos puede haber pasado, y cuáles estás esperando. ¡Te leemos!

DEREK SHERINIAN – Vortex (01/07) +Info

HAUNT – Windows of Your Heart (01/07)

MUNICIPAL WASTE – Electrified Brain (01/07) +Info

ALTARIA – Wisdom (08/07)

JOURNEY – Freedom (08/07)

POWERWOLF – The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event (08/07) +Info

BELPHEGOR – The Devils (08/07) +Info

SINNER – Brotherhood (15/07) +Info

HATRIOT – The Vale of Shadows (22/07)

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT – Spirit of Ecstasy (22/07)

OCEANS OF SLUMBER – Starlight and Ash (22/07) +Info

WITCHERY – Nightside (22/07) +Info

KRISIUN – Mortem Solis (29/07)

CRYSTAL GATES – Torment & Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones (29/07) +Info

ARCH ENEMY – Deceivers (29/07) +Info

GATHERING OF KINGS – Enigmatic (29/07)

Listado Completo – via Heavy Metal Music HQ

1 de Julio, 2022

Am Himmel – As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow (Burning World)
Animalize – Meat We’re Made Of (Dying Victims)
Battlegrave – Cavernous Depths (Bitter Loss)
Between The Killings – The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 – Reflection Of Murder (Comatose)
Beyond The Catacombs – Fatal Error (Grind To Death)
Black Cilice – Esoteric Atavism (Iron Bonehead)
Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism (Hassle)
Boss Keloid – Family The Smiling Thrush: Live At Foel Studio (Ripple)
Chaos Engine Research – Faces (Metal Scrap)
Chasmdweller – Flesh Crusade Re-Release (Chaos)
The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara – Trust No Leaders (Self)
Conjurer – Pathos (Nuclear Blast)
Days In The Abyss – Here Forever (Self)
Deadly Circus Fire – Extinction (Self)
Derek Sherinian – Vortex (InsideOut)
Downfall – Behind The Curtain (Daze/Triple B)
Eschatology – Eschatology (Shadow)
Existence Dysphoria – Minus Negative (Sludgelord)
A Fitting Revenge – Omnipresence (Self)
Flames – Resurgence (No Remorse)
Furis Ignis – Turm EP (Iron Bonehead)
Goatriders – Traveler (Majestic Mountain)
Greg Puciato – Mirrorcell (Federal Prisoner)
Haunt – Windows Of Your Heart (Iron Grip/Church)
Hellfire Deathcult – Al Nombre De La Muerte (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Holy Dragons – Jörmungandr – The Serpent of the World (Pitch Black)
Horizon Ignited – Towards The Dying Lands (Nuclear Blast)
Hulder – The Eternal Fanfare EP (20 Buck Spin)
Impossible Color – Dead Leaves (Trepnation)
In Nothingness – Black Sun Funeral (Personal)
In Slumber – While We Sleep (War Anthem)
Ironflame – Where Madness Dwells (High Roller)
Ironhawk – Ritual Of The War Path (Dying Victims)
Kings Never Die – The Good Times And The Bad EP (Fast Break!)
Leslie Ripp – The Riddle Of Steel (Sliptrick)
A Lie Nation – Sociopathology (Inverse)
Light Creates Shadow – Ghosts Pass Through, Running From The Body (Self)
Lord Vigo – We Shall Overcome (High Roller)
Marraskuun Lapset – Lauluja Elämässä Eksyneille EP (Inverse)
Massacre – Mythos EP (Nuclear Blast)
Mexicoma – Kalpa (Majestic Mountain)
The Midnight Devils – Never Beg For It (Pavement)
Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain (Nuclear Blast)
Narakah – Nemesis Cloak (Force Of Reckoning)
Necrophobic – Satanic Blasphemies Re-Release (Century Media)
Ophidian Forest – Tales Of Doom And Ignorance (Subcontinental Extreme)
Orcus O Dis – Post Mortem EP (Self)
Orgrel – The Oath Of The Black Wolf EP (Iron Bonehead)
Orthodox – Proceed (Alone)
Patriarchs In Black – Reach For The Scars (MDD)
Protector – Excessive Outburst Of Depravity (High Roller)
Randy Holden – Population III (RidingEasy)
Ren Marabou And The Berserkers – Tales Of Rune (United Music Mafia)
Righteous Fool – Righteous Fool (Ripple)
Sacral Night – La Diademe D’Argent (No Remorse)
Saint Asonia – Introvert EP (Spinefarm)
Sam Astaroth – Demoncore (Self)
Shinedown – Planet Zero (Atlantic)
Spectral Darkwave – Live Fire Exorcise (Occidental)
Spiralist – Eternal Recurrence (Trepnation)
Stiu Nu Stiu – New Sun (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Swim Or Drown – Torment EP (WTF)
Theodicy – Torture Of Industry (Self)
Thirteen Goats – Servants Of The Outer Dark (Self)
Through Mists – Eternal Recurrence (Trepnation)
Thun – II (Eat Lead And Die)
Tragos – Radix Mendosus (Xenocorp)
Trembling Void – Demo I (Inferna Profundus)
Tuscoma – Gu-cci (Landmine)
Vice – For The Fallen (Self)
Vidres a la Sang – Fragments de l’esdevenir (Abstract Emotions)
Vinterdracul – The Lee Variations (Canticle Throe)
Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory EP (Self)
Wolfs Moon – Psycho Underground (Kernkraftritter)
Wolves Until… – Wolves Until… (Shiny Fast Eardrums)
The Xebellian Triangle – At The Banks Of The Rubicon (Self)
Your Highness – The RagBag Vol. 1 EP (Hoogheid)

8 de Julio, 2022

Alburnum – Buitenlucht (Babylon Doom Cult)
Altars – Ascetic Reflection (Everlasting Spew)
American Terror – Where We Are (Self)
Anticreation – From The Dust Of Embers (Sentient Ruin)
Antilles – Entheos EP (Crawling Chaos)
Arctic – Arctic EP (Darkwoods)
Ardours – Anatomy Of A Moment (Frontiers)
The Atrophic – Coagulating Mirth (Self)
The Bearer – Chained To A Tree (Silent Pendulum)
Begrime Exemious – Rotting In The Aftermath (Dark Descent)
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love (Beautiful Disasters)
Black Nazareth – Black Nazareth (Wormholedeath)
Blackwater Drowning – Sonder//Satori (Blood Blast)
Blind Channel – Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous (Century Media)
Bullet For My Valentine – Bullet For My Valentine
Deluxe Edition (Spinefarm/Search And Destroy)
Clarent Blade – Return Into Forever (Stellar Auditorium)
Cleanbreak – Coming Home (Frontiers)
Crossing Rubicon – Perfect Storm (Frontiers)
DBB – Bastards Of Slime (Self)
Dead Tired – Satan Will Follow You Home (New Damage)
Defect Designer – Neanderthal (Transcending Obscurity)
Dio – Holy Diver Super Deluxe Edition (Rhino)
Farewell To Fear – Polarity (Crusader)
Fear Not – Fields Of Sorrow (Self)
Forsaken Eternity – A Kingdom Of Ice (Rottweiler)
Frayle – Skin & Sorrow (Aqualamb)
Greylotus – Dawnfall (The Artisan Era)
Gruntruck – Push Re-Release (Dissonance)
Hail Mary – Disturbing The Peace (Eonian)
HolyRoller – Swimming Witches (Black Doomba)
Iron Lotus – Noise Pollution (Self)
Kanine – Karnage (Lacerated Enemy)
Left To Suffer – And Dying Forever EP (Self)
Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening (Heavy Psych Sounds)
The Machinist – All Is Not Well (Prosthetic)
The Motion Below – Breakthrough EP (Self)
Negative 13 – Mourning Asteri (Self)
Nelson – Greatest Hits (And Near Misses) (UMe)
Opponent – Sentinel (Solid State)
Organectomy – Nail Below Nail (Unique Leader)
Pestilent Hex – The Ashen Abhorrence (Debemur Morti)
postcards from new zealand – nin-an-ak (Self)
Powerwolf – The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event (Napalm)
Scaphis – Dissected & Fermented (Self)
Seep – Hymns To The Gore (Extremely Rotten)
Serpents In Paradise – Temptation (MDD)
Set The Sun – In Absentia EP (Self)
Sinking Suns – Dark Days (Reptilian)
Sonum – Visceral Void Entropy (Wormholedeath)
Spektrvm – Blood For Heaven (Sliptrick)
Sweet Freedom – According to Jörgen Schelander (Melodic Passion)
Telekinetic Yeti – Primordial (Tee Pee)
Torturized – Aftermath (Apostasy)
Unholdun – Unholdun EP (Purity Through Fire)
Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence (Century Media)
The World Without Us – Body Forth (Self)
Written In Torment – Black Command (Purity Through Fire)
Zarraza – Kreated In Blood EP (Self)

15 de Julio, 2022

Ambrius – Effigies Of Time EP (Self)
Anova Skyway – Reset EP (Self)
Anthrax – Anthrax XL Blu-ray/CD (Megaforce)
Antigama – Whiteout (Selfmadegod)
Ashenspire – Hostile Architecture (Aural)
Atlvs – The Wound, The Blade EP (Self)
Battering Ram – Second To None (Uprising)
Beastwood – No Way Home EP (Iron Head)
Behold! The Monolith – The Fathomless Deep (Ripple)
Birth – Born (Bad Omen)
Black Capricorn – Cult Of Blood (Majestic Mountain)
Celestial Wizard – Winds Of The Cosmos (Self)
Cruentus – Fossilized (Kvlt und Kaos)
Deathbringer – IT (Unique Leader)
Decaptacon – For Those Who Died (Self)
Defected Decay – Troops Of Abomination (Silent Watcher)
Eihort – Consuming The Light (Underground Kvlt)
Entombed – DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth Re-Release (Threeman)
Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles (Scarlet)
God Is An Astronaut – The Beginning Of The End (Napalm)
Graveshadow – The Uncertain Hour (Self)
Grombira – Lunar Dunes (Tonzonen)
Hissing – Hypervirulence Architecture (Profound Lore)
Ian Blurton’s Future Now – Second Skin (Seeing Red)
Idol Throne – The Sibylline Age (Stormspell)
Inhuman Condition – Fearsick (Listenable Insanity)
Josiah – We Lay On Cold Stone (Blues Funeral)
Kekal – Envisaged (Elevation)
Laces Out – Roger Podacter EP (Nefarious)
Lucid Grave – Cosmic Mountain (Electric Valley)
Mantar – Pain Is Forever And This Is The End (Metal Blade)
Manticore – Endless Scourge Of Torment (Hells Headbangers)
Maul – Seraphic Punishment (Redefining Darkness)
Mefisto – Phosphorus (GMR)
Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Ninja (American Assault) (HPGD)
Midnight Odyssey – Echoes Of A Celestial Ruin (I, Voidhanger)
Midnight Road – Ready For The Fight (Wormholedeath)
Mike Tramp And The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz – Stand Your Ground Re-Release (Target)
Mirage – The Sequel (From The Vaults)
Molder – Engrossed In Decay (Prosthetic)
Odyrmos – Odyromos (Belfry)
Orianthi – Live From Hollywood (Frontiers)
Outright – Keep You Warm (Reason And Rage)
Palace – One 4 The Road (Frontiers)
Patria – Hexerei (Dawnrazor)
Primal Fear – Primal Fear Re-Release (Atomic Fire)
Reternity – Cosmic Dreams (MDD)
Scarcity – Aveilut (The Flenser)
Scuriu – Wilhelmina EP (Self)
Sick N’ Beautiful – Starstruck (Frontiers)
Sickness – Daemones Sub Terra (Nuclear Abominations)
Sinner – Brotherhood (Atomic Fire)
The Wakedead Gathering – Parallaxiom (I, Voidhanger)
Witnesses – The Holy Water EP (Self)
Xenoglyph – Spiritfraud (Translation Loss)

22 de Julio, 2022

Balls Gone Wild – Stay Wild (Metalville)
Castrator – Defiled In Oblivion (Dark Descent)
Ceremonial Worship – Seven Gateways To Eternal Misanthropy (Eternal Death)
Clavicvla – Degeneracy Of The 5th Density (Sentient Ruin)
Crestfallen Dusk – Crestfallen Dusk (Moonlight Cypress Archetypes)
Critical Defiance – No Life Forms (Unspeakable Axe)
Dreamtide – Drama Dust Dream (Pride & Joy)
Eciton – The Autocatalytic Process (Wormholedeath)
Ernia – How To Deal With Life And Fail (Transcending Obscurity)
Excalibur – Volando Hacia el Infierno (Fighter)
False Gods – Neurotopia (Seeing Red)
Fame On Fire – Welcome To The Chaos (Hopeless)
Fatal Vision – Once (Pride & Joy)
Gates To The Morning – Walk Between Worlds (Self)
Gldn – First Blood (Self)
Hatriot – The Vale Of Shadows (Massacre)
Herida Profunda – Power To The People (7 Degrees)
Highway Sentinels – The Waiting Fire (Louder Than Loud)
Imperial Triumphant – Spirit Of Ecstasy (Century Media)
Karl Sanders – Saurian Apocalypse (Napalm)
Kryptamak – Kataklysmi (Purity Through Fire)
Lessmann Voss – Rock Is Our Religion (Atomic Fire)
Moonshade – As We Set The Skies Ablaze (Self)
Mosara – Only The Dead Know Our Secrets (Self)
Nebula – Transmissions From Mothership Earth (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nicolas Cage Fighter – The Bones That Grew From Pain (Blacklight)
Northless – A Path Beyond Grief (Translation Loss)
Oceans Of Slumber – Starlight and Ash (Century Media)
Onyria – Feed The Monster (Self)
Palisades – Reaching Hypercritical (Rise)
Panzerfaust – The Suns Of Perdition, Chapter III: The Astral Drain (Eisenwald)
Scar For Life – Sociophobia (Pride & Joy)
She Bites – Super Hero (Pride & Joy)
Source Of Rage – Witness The Mess (Metalville)
Spite – Dedication To Flesh (Rise)
Thrashera – Bastardos da Nolte (Helldprod)
Titan Rage – Terrorizer (Self)
Trog – Trog EP (Self)
UFO – High Stakes And Dangerous Men/Lights Out In Tokyo Re-Release (HNE)
Villain Of The Story – Divided (Out Of Line)
Voluntary Mortification – Suffer To Rise (Rottweiler)
Wailin Storms – The Silver Snake Unfolds (Gilead)
Wake – Thought Form Descent (Metal Blade)
Whiplash – The Roadrunner Years (Dissonance)
White Lightning – Thunderbolts Of Fuzz (RidingEasy)
Witchery – Nightside (Century Media)

29 de Julio, 2022

Arch Enemy – Deceivers (Century Media)
Banks Arcade – Future Lovers (UNFD)
Belarus Beaver – Symphony Of Fallen Trees (Grind To Death)
Black Magnet – Body Prophecy (20 Buck Spin)
Blacktoothed – Juli (Arising Empire)
Box – Cherry Blossoms At Night (Miserable Pyre Of Secrets)
Chat Pile – God’s Country (The Flenser)
Cirkus Prutz – Blues Revolution (Metalville)
Contemplator – Morphose (Nefarious)
Crystal Gates – Torment & Wonder: The Ways Of The Lonely Ones (Wormholedeath)
Daidalos – The Expedition (Extreme Metal)
Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer (Rise)
DevilDriver – Clouds Over California: The Studio Albums 2003-2011 Box Set (BMG)
Funeral Chic – Roman Candle (Prosthetic)
Gallower – Eastern Witchcraft EP (Dying Victims)
Gathering Of Kings – Enigmatic (RN)
Ithaca – They Fear Us (Hassle)
Katakomba – Katakomba (Redefining Darkness)
Krisiun – Mortem Solis (Century Media)
Lathe – Tongue Of Silver (Grimoire/APT 66)
The Lord – Forest Nocturne (Southern Lord)
My Sleeping Karma – Atma (Napalm)
Nightbearer – Ghosts Of A Darkness To Come (Testimony)
Oceans – Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing EP (Nuclear Blast)
Pist.on – Cold World+ (M-Theory)
Prosper Or Perish – Shroud Of Serpents (Jobson)
Pythian – Understanding In Light (Cursed Monk)
Raptore – Blackfire (Dying Victims)
Reeking Aura – Blood And Bonemeal (Profound Lore)
Rotheads – Slither In Slime (Memento Mori)
Ryo Okumoto – The Myth Of The Mostrophus (InsideOut)
Sacred Sin – Storms Of The Dying World (Lusitanian)
Sator – Return Of The Barbie-Q Killers (Wild Kingdom)
Sedimentum – Suppuration Morphogénésiaque (Memento Mori)
Shroud Of Bereavement – A Beautiful Winter (Self)
Sleestack – Harbinger (Self)
Stick To Your Guns – Spectre (Pure Noise)
Suffering Sights – When Sanity Becomes Insanity (Dying Victims)
Torch – Live Fire (Metalville)
Torture Killer – Dead Inside EP (The Other)
Triumvir Foul – Onslaught To Seraphim (Invictus)
Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment (Everlasting Spew)
Voivod – Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years Box Set (Noise)
Waysted – Heroes Die Young: Waysted Volume Two (2000-2007) (HNE)

Alejandro Melgar

Absoluto entusiasta del Metal en casi todas sus variantes y sub-géneros. Melómano, coleccionista de discos y experto en armar documentos, listas y rankings. La estructura me garantiza paz y organización. Amo las series, películas y estoy muy arraigado en la cultura pop, además de disfrutar la naturaleza y el aire libre. Y a pesar de todo esto, soy muy sensible.